Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dirty little secret

I have an odd dilemma today.

One of the beauties of traveling solo on the road, and hitting multiple cities and groups of people along the way, is the abillity to wear the same clothes multiple times.

I'm not talking undergarments, which of course I change daily.

I mean jeans, pants, sweaters, etc.

Today is my second of two consecutive days with the same crew of people in New Jersey.

Since I have with me two similar choices of denim, one of which I wore yesterday, I'm going to have to skip that option.

I have a pair of dress pants and a pair of khaki chinos as well. Honestly, I would prefer to wear my final option, the denim-cut brown corduroy pants. It's a beautiful fall day today, and paired with an orange polo would be a good Halloween ensemble.

Unfortunately, I recall that during my last trip here, I also wore those same brown cords. I remember this because I commented on somebody's corduroy blazer due to our both rocking the cords.

To top it off, it's flight day, and I prefer wearing jeans on the plane. I'll probably just get changed in the car, as I often do.

I'm leaning toward the dress pants, but that might kick them out of the options for later this week because.....I only have one pair of socks to match them. Sigh.

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