Saturday, October 28, 2006

Get on, get off

This week, I will be flying a few one-ways on three different carriers - AirTran, Continental, and JetBlue. Often, one-way tickets raise alarms for the airlines, and funnel the unfortunate holders of such tickets into the special secondary screening lines. Last time I ended up in such a queue, my laptop bag tested positive for residue. I must have been firing my sniper rifle too close to my computer.

My strategy this week involves point-to-point flights rather than keeping it all with one carrier and, therefore, connecting during each leg.

Simple, but understandably frowned upon by Airworld citizens who hoard miles.

AirTran to Philly was only $39. Roundtrip tolls would cost over half of that if driving.

The Continental flight is EWR-Austin on Halloween night. I'll dress up as an Airworldian.

JetBlue AUS-BOS is the only non-stop direct flight between those two cities. The fastest way to get home and get ready to see Borat next Friday.

1 comment:

FG18 said...

a costume as an airtranworldian. awesome. i want to see a pic. if you went as a southwest customer, you could look frazzled and hold a jumbo boarding line thingy.