Sunday, October 15, 2006


My apologies if two postings on the same calendar day is a blogging taboo.

When did the English language degenerate into such an awkward combination of "words" that I just received from a random MySpace user:

"how ru i just though i would say helllooo . i saw your profil and you look cutte . :?) i just joined here 5 days ago and im tryn 2 get 2 kno more peopl from Massachusetts . so if you get a chance, say helllooo lates 1!!"

This isn't comupter generated, I'm guessing. Someone must have physically typed those letter combinations. According to my count, we're missing the following letters - "aeyoteigtotowe," and over quota with "lootloo" To her credit, she spelled Massachusetts correctly.

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Totsie said...

The Scrabble tiles remind me of this -

Only one of the best cartoons ever.

I despise leetspeak. Happy to see this joint is not called Platinum EL33T.