Friday, November 03, 2006

Guilty feet have got no rhythm

Over the food court music system at the Cleveland airport, I heard a song by Wham! called “I’m Your Man” while consuming some awful chicken noodle soup. I haven’t heard that song in probably twenty years (it was released sometime in the mid 80’s, probably 84 or 85).

I then did some quick math in my head – somehow realizing that the song was 20 years old, causing me to realize that 1986 was just a few years before 1991, the year I started college. The horror began to sink in. I realized that I started college 15 years ago, about the midpoint of my life as of today. Lord, I’m getting old.

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me said...

so seriously, i had this same revelation. not with this song...but my boss was sayign something about high school activities and i was like....holy shit, that was 15 years ago.