Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shunned by The Improper Bostonian

As I sit here eating lunch checking my webstats, I'm seeing a pretty significant spike in traffic to this blog over the past few days. Excellent! For some odd reason, anonymous folk seem amused enough with my ramblings to read, refer, and return. For that, thanks!
I was criticized earlier today by a friend about not blogging about my friends. I suppose I can change that relatively easily, and kill a second bird in the process - my anger toward The Improper Bostonian. This summer in Dubrovnik, Croatia, I took this picture with my friends Brian and Kelly. Exotic location, three smiling attractive young Bostonians holding a trendy local magazine that encourages such pictures. The perfect recipe for publication. A sure thing. But did it make the cut? Nope. So, here is the ignored photo. Screw you, Improper.

I took a second photo from that same spot, holding my parents' local county magazine - Rivertown. It's a relatively new publication in Rockland County, NY that seems to write articles about the businesses that purchase advertising in the magazine. I saw similar magazine-holding spreads in Rivertown, and figured I would be a slam-dunk to make it in. Most of their other photos appeared to be elderly tour groups in out-of-the-ordinary locations like Tampa, Baltimore, and Palm Beach. Did I make it in? You betcha! Almost a full half-page.

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Rhea said...

I always figured the Improper Bostonian didn't repeat destinations, so they wouldn't run all the pics if they got like a million Bostonians posing on a beach in Hawaii.

fedupwithitall said...

why would you drag a copy of the improper bostonian half way around the world to try to get your picture in their magazine?
are you that starving for attention, obviously, your a blogger.
now i'm sorry i linked here.

fg18 said...

oooh, your first snarky comment. excellent!!!

i love the pics.

Jason said...

Wow, cool - my first cranky commenter! How fun to be looked upon with scorn!

Fedup – thanks for reading! Whoever you are - I'm sorry you're sorry you linked here. It’s probably just as easy to unlink if I’m not satisfying your anonymous reading pleasure.

But since you did ask a question (albeit a grammatically incorrect one in numerous ways – for example “your” is possessive, “you’re” is the contraction you’re seeking here), I'll answer it.

I always bring magazines when I travel. I begin trips with stacks of them and leave them in various places (airline seat pockets, hotel rooms, Starbucks) when finished. Perfect, disposable entertainment. Some magazines have photo spreads of people in exotic locations. My photos were not exactly atop Everest or while climbing a tree in the Amazon. I agree, that would be a bit much. Mine, however, were taken from a balcony down the hall from my hotel room. Pretty simple shot, so….why not?

Lyss said...

Good to know that my home county has yet one more unecessary, ad-driven magazine. Nice that they published your photo though.