Sunday, June 17, 2007

Covered in white paint

While I appreciate the numerous trade propositions I have received lately, most recently from Meaghan in exchange for lobster and lemonade (yum!), I plan to retire from my deck refinishing business after the completion of my deck. This project has almost defeated me.

I spent much of Saturday scrubbing a bleach / mildewcide solution on the deck and railing, in preparation for Sunday's messier task that involved color, drop cloths, and brushes.

After some more color deliberating, I made a last-minute change to the plan and elected to paint the railing with white paint. The white railing matches the white support posts, and complements the rest of the house much better than if I had stained the railing. The white paint looks great and brightens up the entire deck, but it's quite the task applying it. Coat #1 is done, and coat #2 will occur at some point in the future. I employed Ryan to help with the task, and we were both beat and covered with white paint afterward.

I feel like the white paint officially completes my Mississippi River trip, especially after finding an assistant. It would have been a true Tom Sawyer situation if somehow I persuaded Ryan to do the job for me while I kicked back a couple beers.
I'm ready to start mixing the lemonade and lobsters myself if anyone is willing to pitch in!

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janicelharms said...

When this deck is finished, I expect to see pictures of the completed project. It is already too hot/humid in my part of Texas to enjoy sitting outside.