Friday, June 22, 2007

Like The Weather

My esteemed 12th grade English teacher Mr. Naething mentioned once that whenever a conversation turns to the weather, he ends it and walks away (or hangs up, I suppose). His theory is that once the weather is discussed, there's nothing else of substance to discuss, and it's time to find a new conversation partner.

While I don't exactly walk away from people when they mention the weather, I am cognizant of weather-related conversations, and the hidden lack of substance behind them (I do agree that when it turns to weather, then it's time to wrap up).

With that said, the weather this week here in Boston has been spectacular. Perfect for deck painting and a road trip to Newport and Providence for Waterfire (that's tomorrow). This pic is from the last Waterfire I saw in 2005.

I tried to get fancy with this shot of the Providence Place Mall. I kind of like blurry pictures that are intentionally blurry.

Thinking back to my week in New Orleans last week - just for perspective - take the warmest point of each day this week, add 10-15 degrees, include 100% humidity, remove our refreshing daily ocean breeze, and there you have New Orleans.

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femmme said...

I concur also as a resident of soBos, we dont care. Granted, the stories are humerous but to say nothing good can come out of there. Many bar goers couldnt care less