Thursday, June 21, 2007

Time to upgrade

I'm sitting here finishing my coffee, looking at the photos from yesterday's harbor cruise on the Provincetown II, and I'm not thrilled with how they turned out - to the point that I'm now wondering if it's time for a new camera. I mean, the shots are OK, but I just feel that a better camera might make a difference. Here's a decent one of the city.

I bought my camera on a whim just over 3 years ago - it's a Sony DSC-T1, one of the first super flat 5 megapixel models with a big LCD screen. Its size makes it simple to use regularly since it fits into my pocket and is rarely in the way.

I remember purchasing it at a Best Buy somewhere (I believe outside Milwaukee) because I was on the road and headed to that year's Clear Channel programming meetings. My co-worker told me that there were a bunch of celebrities scheduled to appear or perform. I, never one to pass up a photo op, decided I needed to have a camera with me for the event. I had seen ads for this camera, and figured it was a good time to buy it.

Good thing I had it, because I met...

Liz Phair

(that's Richard Marx's head between us, and a blonde pre-famous Ashlee Simpson on the screens performing on the front stage)

Actually I met Liz the following year too (it was during her pop makeover and her handlers probably told her to get in bed with Clear Channel as much as possible).

We chit chatted about music research. She looks much better than I do in this pic (Liz = cute and perky, nice smile. Me = confused, forced smile, look drunk).

and Casey Kasem

We talked about Boston. He mentioned that his daughter was going to (or went to, or looking at) Boston University. I don't remember.

Casey is awfully tan.
I know some of Sony's new flat camera models are higher resolution, and have some fancy bells and whistles like image stabilization and better low-light shots. Technology changes so much, I'm thinking 3 years is a good time between cameras.

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Anonymous said...

Casey looks a little like my grandpa did in his casket. He seems all waxy and made up.