Tuesday, October 23, 2007

#21 in Flea Markets

I saw this great list online - Travel + Leisure's Favorite Cities 2007

They had residents and visitors rank 25 US cities on a number of categories, and included most of the typical large cities along with a few that made me scratch my head as to why they were on the list (Santa Fe?)

Boston scored highest in:

#2 Sports Fan's Vacation
#2 Classical Music
#3 Notable Neighborhoods
#3 Historic Sites / Monuments
#3 Antique Shopping
#4 Pizza (I could not disagree more)
#4 Worldly People

We're trailing in:

#24 Food / Dining - Barbecue (I totally agree)
#24 Weather
#21 Flea Markets
#21 Friendly

While I enjoy Redbone's and Tennessee's BBQ here in the area, we're pretty devoid of a full list of great barbecue places.

As for #21 Friendly - I think this city is tough to break into if you don't know anybody. But once you do, I feel that things change dramatically. Unfortunately, bringing those new friends to flea markets is a tall task here in Boston

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