Sunday, October 14, 2007


Farmacia, originally uploaded by southiejason.

We never stopped in any of these farmacias, but they seemed to be ubiquitous throughout each of the major cities we hit.

Originally, I took this picture in B&W, but it appeared much too dark. I added a sepia filter effect using Picasa (Google's very cool free downloadable photo organizing and editing software), and ended up with this. I try not to add too many effects to my photos, but digital darkrooms are amazing and can truly turn lemons into lemonade.


Jamen said...

I thought this blog was supposed to be about me today? I'm very disappointed.

fg said...

that pic is cool. i wonder what would happen with one of those effects where there is color introduced in one just the sign itself?

Jason said...

Oooh good idea (as always) FG - I'll play with it tonight. BTW happy belated bday to yer mum!