Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My opinions count

Out of the blue yesterday, I had a voicemail on my cell phone from a market research recruiting company about an upcoming focus group here in Boston. She mentioned the date, time, length, and amount it paid ($150 for 2 hours - not bad!), and to call her back if I was interested.

I Googled the company who called, and it looks like they aren't based here, and are likely doing some recruiting for a few different markets (since when I called back, I had to reference the Boston study and give the study code).

Now, I conducted focus groups for many years in my old job, so I understand the process way too well. There's a few pre-qualification questions during the recruiting to ensure that respondents don't work in particular industries (potentially, thereby, skewing the data), and that they fit the profile of who should be included in the project (i.e. I'm probably the wrong audience for Depends, feminine hygiene products, and Bentley owners).

But, I'm an honest guy, and was genuinely curious as to the type of study for which I was contacted. I assumed it was a project for a company who had my cell phone number and that they were recruiting off of a customer list supplied by the end customer.

I answered the first question, asking if I worked for a market research, credit card, or advertising agency (while I used to work for a market research company, technically I don't now). Including "credit card" in that question gave me a hint about the focus group's topic.
The next question, however, made me very happy. "Are you a member of Continental Airlines' OnePass Frequent Flyer program?" Well, why yes I am! I neglected to mention the name of this blog (aka my former status with OnePass for years).

The remaining pre-recruit questions were about the amount of trips I took, types of credit cards I possessed, and how important earning miles, upgrades, First Class seats, and the sort were to me. I answered everything truthfully, and I qualified.

I know, this sounds rather dorky, but I am very much looking forward to being on the other side of the moderator during a Focus Group, especially one for Continental Airlines (IF that's who is conducting this - it could be for one of their major competitors in a fact-finding mission, I suppose)! I have flown with Continental consistently for almost a decade, and it's going to be nice to express my thoughts to their marketing team.

I even promised myself that I will not dominate the conversation, contrary to what most who know me personally might think.

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Ryan said...

I know you. You're going to pull a Will Truman and get yourself kicked out. Good luck sucka!!!