Monday, October 08, 2007

Who is in charge of marketing at Sonic?

While I understand that Sonic is indeed a national chain of fast food joints, and I realize that there are people watching the TBS broadcast of the Yanks-Indians series who do not live in Cleveland or New York, isn't it still a bit of an inefficient marketing spend when the closest Sonic restaurant to Cleveland is 108.77 miles away, and the closest one to New York City is 105.83 miles away from in Morgantown, PA (which is 292.25 miles from Southie)?

I'm sure their burgers are tasty, but not worth that kind of drive!


Jamen said...

God I wish we had a Sonic nearby. The food is great! Almost as good as that game last night. hahaha!

Jason said...

A. You are a poser member of Red Sox Nation.

B. Behaving like a sore winner is shameful. We are in a fight.