Thursday, November 01, 2007

Autumn in Copley Square

Welcome to my favorite month. I love November!

It's not just because November is my birthday month.
Autumn is in full effect, the temperature is becoming more brisk. The leaves are changing (or have changed) color.

Autumn in Copley Square, originally uploaded by southiejason.

Sweaters gradually enter my daily wardrobe.

Ushering in the December holidays, Thanksgiving is a time to reconnect with family members or old friends from back home over a long weekend.

Football is the main focus of the sports world.

The calendar nears its annual end, getting ready to reset to a new year of opportunity.

In my previous job, November also marked the beginning of our "down time," which after an intense period of research and business travel, provided a nice respite from Airworld.

Love it!

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Jamen said...

Welcome to Jason's Birthday month. We can celebrate for the next 14 days then we'll have to celebrate something else. I can only take 14 days of Jason's birthday month. :)