Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Final Rosie posting this week

Ok, just one more Rosie-related posting this week. It's been all dogs here at Platinum Elite for a few days. Understandably so. There's a new critter that wakes me up every morning with her wet nose.

I am still adjusting to the time commitment involved with having her. That's the biggest challenge. Grabbing slobbery tennis balls. Picking up her deposits back to the earth. Playing fetch down my hallway. Sweeping doggie treat crumbs - no big deals at all.

The time involved with walks and attention is the biggest change for me. It cuts into my sleep (bad), gym (bad), and poker (good) time.

Plus I have decided that I need to figure out a dog walker situation. Boston has plenty of them, but I'm always open for recommendations if anyone who is reading this happens to know of a good one who works in Southie. I'm thinking of splitting midday duty with a dog walker - 3 weekdays walker, 2 weekdays me (it's pretty easy to drive home during my lunch hour).

I thought Rosie could hold it during the day, but discovered a little wee wee accident today upon returning home from work. I wanted to see her limits...and I think I found them. I admit it, part of me was a little too cheap to pony up the dog walker cash. But, honestly a dog walker is not a huge amount, and well worth it if it keeps her active (and therefore tired) and my area rugs dry.

I will just need to play a little more poker...


Liz said...

Hi there - I've enjoyed your blog for a while - as a fellow Southie resident and frequent work traveller.

A great dog walker in Southie is Renee Rasinski of - she does walks or actually has play groups taking dogs to the beach or park. Best $15 I spend. Tell her Claire sent you. :-)

Jason said...
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Jason said...

Hey Claire (or is it Liz?) - THANKS for the tip and for checking out my blog. I just emailed Renee.

It's always nice to hear from other Southie folks!