Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Civic Duty - Cancelled

The Jury Commissioner for the Commonwealth respectfully notified me over the weekend that I will not be needed for Jury Duty on Tuesday 12/4.

While this cancellation would cause excitement for many, I'm bummed out.

I served on a case once before, about five years ago in the same court that was calling for me again - Boston Municipal Court - West Roxbury Division in Jamaica Plain. I thought everybody there was courteous and respectful toward us jurors, and I found the process interesting.

Unfortunately, the dude on trial for a drug dealing charge got off on an evidence-gathering technicality. The judge even told us in the jury room after the case that we probably made the right verdict based on the evidence presented (as obvious as his criminal behavior was), and thought we would be happy to know that he was on trial for another separate drug offense soon thereafter.

I was hoping to put somebody away this time.

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Michael said...

That's totally suck that the drug dealer got away from the charges when is that obvious. But then again people in this country can easily get away with murder and stuffs just because they have money and hire good lawyers. Sometime, I really don't think justice exist anymore, or may be just our society standard getting more corrupted and degraded. Wouldn't it be nice if we can live in a world without crime and prejudice, and everyone live only in perfect harmony and peace. Hm, but then again, life would be too dull.