Friday, November 30, 2007

My new crusade - 50 dollar bills

I love 50 dollar bills.

Not just because they carry more value than 5 dollar bills (which is certainly a reason to prefer them). But I just like carrying an amount of currency that has buying power and won't bog down my wallet.

I know, I should be using a debit card or credit wand or some other fancy non-cash device that allows for the exchange of goods and services.

But part of me is still old school. I like greenbacks (though, would prefer Euros or Pounds). I still think it's a bit odd that the new 50's look pink. So be it.

50 dollar bills are totally underutilized in the US.

It costs me 50 bucks to fill up my gas tank. I remember filling up my old Jeep's gas tank in New Jersey less than 10 years ago for under 20 bucks.

Going out for dinner with drinks often approaches 50 dollars.

So, why do ATM's still only disburse 10's and 20's (besides at casinos, where they disburse 100's for redeposit into their slot machines)?

$200 is ten $20 bills. Folded in half, that's a bulky wallet. Four $50 bills are sleeker.

But merchants still freak out over $50 bills. I almost have to apologize when paying with them, as it tends to set minor panic (especially when it's a small item - God forbid I try to pay for a coffee with a $50 bill (like I tried this morning).

My new crusade is 50 dollar bill ubiquity.

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kizzle said...

Are your diamond shoes too tight aswell?