Thursday, November 22, 2007

Regifting something that's already mine

I completely understand regifting items. I have done it myself, as it's a pretty common practice. Smart. Economical. Environmentally-friendly.

Today, for one of my belated birthday presents, my parents regifted me a gift card they already gave me last month.

Sure, they gave me a few unique gifts that were not already technically mine (a BBQ utensil kit and a digital remote meat thermometer, both from Brookstone), but I couldn't help but dwell on what was included in the birthday card.

Last month, I happened to be in the area, so I spent an overnight with my parents. In the kitchen, they keep a small drawer for random mailings I still receive here, over ten years after having moved out for good. It's kind of funny that a few schools still think I'm college shopping.

My mother also throws newspaper clippings in there that happen to relate to our recent topics of conversation. I happen to mention my summer herb garden, there's an herb clipping. I mention something about poker? Poker clipping. Any time they see my high school mentioned in the paper - in whatever context - clipping.

Last month, I found a random $50 gift card for the local mall. The story behind that card was that my father bought it for a service technician at his car dealership for being particularly helpful, but by the time he tried to give it to him, he had taken another job.

Since this card had little value outside of Rockland County, NY, I left it in the drawer and said that I would pick it up during Thanksgiving.

For some odd reason, immediately before opening my birthday card, I happened to open my mail drawer and ask where the gift card was.

Little did I know that I was already holding it. For the second time.

Regifting something that's already mine. I didn't think it was possible.

I'm assuming that for Christmas, I will be given my high school yearbook. Thanks, Dad.


Michael said...

Heh, poor Jason, I can't believe thing like this can actually happened. May be your parent probably just don't remember, let's just blame it on them getting old and being forgetful... But your day probably still better than mine, is eleven pm, I still haven't gotten the chance to sit down and eat. Patients from ER kept coming in to fill their rx. Or some fat lady just called in to refill her diet pill and her heartburn med. Guy waiting at drive thru want to fill his Viagra asap... Worst of all, my store thought it would be quiet so instead of have tech till 10pm, I got no help since 8 pm when I go in. Anyway, wish u have a happy thanksgiving!! And may be u can go use your gift card before u go home. Just make sure u don't put back in draw again, or they might regifted to for your Christmas present!! LOL


michael said...

p.s. Didn't, spell check, still try to get used to browsing web and typing on iphone!!! Michael