Friday, December 14, 2007

The first storm of the year

Southie residents, you surprised me this morning.

Usually, with the premise of a storm, the orange cones, trash barrels, and children's play sets come out to mark spots even before the first flakes fall. In fact, this one looked quite comfy. Rest for weary pedestrians AND a parking spot marker. Two for one!
While many inanimate accouterments indeed now adorn my neighborhood's streets, there were quite a few unmarked spots spotted during my walk to the T.

Are some of us behaving rationally, perhaps? Realizing that many spots were easy to traverse with four-wheel drive, and without a shovel?

Say it ain't so.

I'm certainly, however, happy to see this. I had to leave my car at the office yesterday (my vain attempt to drive home consisted of a 45 minute drive in gridlock around the block, and my better judgment to return to work, ditch the car, and take the T).
It's nice to know that when I come home later, I will have a spot to steal.

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Anonymous said...

Someone ran down the street and tossed the space-savers aside.