Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Godiva Chocolate Tower of Boxes

Last Wednesday, one of our vendors sent us a Godiva chocolate tower. As it was addressed to me, it remained in my office.

While my mother LOVES Godiva, and I will admit to a fleeting idea of regifting for Christmas, I quickly dismissed my thoughts of frugality. I spread the word amidst our small corporate clan that everyone was welcome to the goods.

I'm not much of the candy-bowl-on-my-desk type, but it's nice to have visitors drop by for a chat throughout the workday (while we are a small corporate team, our actual office space is quite odd, and we're spread out on multiple floors throughout the building.

Pizza always gets people to meetings. Godiva chocolates cause people to visit and linger.

I am happy to report that after four workdays, my co-workers managed to polish off the entire tower, truffles and all.
I work with people who have very sweet teeth. I will not divulge the final stats of how many chocolates were consumed by each person, but I, of course, only ate two of them.

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