Friday, December 28, 2007

Rain Forest

Rain Forest, originally uploaded by southiejason.

Just over three years ago, I took a trip to the Pacific Northwest, my one and only trip there. I had a client in Spokane, Washington and decided to add a few vacation days to the beginning and end of the trip there.

Being that Spokane is in the Eastern part of Washington, and most of the interesting parts of the state are on the Western part, I figured that I would fly into Seattle, rent a car, drive to Spokane, and drive back west to Portland, Oregon, from which I would return home.

While the purpose of the trip was primarily business, the extra vacation days I added made the trip much more memorable. I was about to turn 30 the following month, and this was my gift to myself - hanging out in a part of the country I had never seen, a few days of solitude and wandering around with a camera, and time to relax.

I have a ton of great pictures from the trip, which I just posted to my Flickr site earlier this week (I'm still catching up...). I took this one near Port Angeles in Olympic National Park, part of which is a temperate rain forest (?!).

I'm always interested at which of my photos garners attention from the Flickr community. This photo happened to be my most viewed photo yesterday, so I thought I would post it here as well.

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