Monday, January 14, 2008

C'mon WBZ 1030

It's the year 2008. You should be directing your listeners to your website for the list of school cancellations, and then moving on to coverage of the storm, football, or stabbings in the city.

When you announce that "the list of school cancellations is over 500 long," (and that you're about to read that full list....) you're not exactly enticing me to want to stick around for my traffic on the 3's.


Anonymous said...

I just think WBZ is doing their job. We dont all have fancy texting computers while driving and that can kill people like that poor little boy last yeasr. what if you were a little kid and wanted to know if your school was closed??? dont be so slefish.

Jason said...

WBZ has 40 minutes every hour of programming. The rest is commercials. They survive with lots of listeners, who listen for shorter amounts of time. for years, radio programmers have wanted to direct closing info onto their websites.

I would imagine that people weren't in their cars listening to snow closing info during a snowstorm. They were probably listening at their kitchen tables.

TV stations scroll closing info on the bottom and proceed with their programming and coverage. The only equivalent for radio would be directing people to their websites, and proceeding with their audio coverage of news and stories.

If I was a little kid and wanted to know if my school was closed, I would go online and find out. It's not selfish. It's 2008.

And i didn't realize that computers texted.