Thursday, January 03, 2008

Departing Cruise Ship

Departing Cruise Ship, originally uploaded by southiejason.

I just uploaded a bunch of older photos to my Flickr site, then titled and tagged them all.

I have a few great aerial shots of the Boston metro, all of which seem quite popular among Flickr browers. But this picture was my most viewed yesterday.

It's the Maasdam, a cruise ship that docks at the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal here in Southie, and seems to depart on Sunday afternoons when it's not 4 degrees outside. I recall seeing it at port a number of times. Both times that we were hanging out on Spectacle Island on summertime Sunday afternoons, I remember watching it sail out to sea.

I took this picture during our approach to Logan (the grey thing in the lower left corner is part of the airplane's engine). Flying into Logan on a clear day is always an interesting view, especially when your flight is well-timed to catch a large cruise ship just having departed.

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