Monday, January 28, 2008

Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom

Somehow, I ended up singing this at Jeanie Johnston's karaoke night on Saturday, officially marking my US karaoke debut. I thought it was a good choice - an easy, familiar song with limited range and fun lyrics, most of which I knew without staring at the screen.

Last time we were there, I was all queued up to take down Beverly Hills by Weezer, but I bailed before submitting my song slip to the DJ.

My only other karaoke appearance was at Superclubs Breezes on Cable Beach in the Bahamas about 12 years ago. That night, I took on "I Want You To Want Me" by Cheap Trick, and have been reminded of that performance every time I have heard it on the radio since.


KellyG said...

I'm not even going to go into how disappointed I am that you did not call me when you were at the Jeanie Johnston singing...if you could have brought me one joy in my life that would have been it...other than being the DJ at my wedding (and playing Cotton Eye Joe and California Love)

Jason said...

How about a raincheck? It was kind of a last-minute thing? I promise to reprise my well-conditioned singing pipes.

Stacey said...

Yay - it's my mom! ;) She got such a kick out of this song when it was on the radio ALL the time back in '04.