Thursday, January 17, 2008

Magic in Southie

Something magical happened this morning in Southie. It was borderline surreal.

There were tons of unmarked parking spots AND still some snow on the ground.

Last night during my 10pm-ish walk with Rosie, there were still many parking spot markers clinging to their small stamps of blacktop.

During this morning's walk, however, there were ample spaces from which to choose.

It's almost as if the Snow Parking Regulations Fairy sent a text message to everyone in Southie overnight, asking them to feel confident about leaving for the day without marking their spots.

Or, some bold early-risers this morning stuck their collective middle fingers up at the remaining parking savers, brazenly communicating that it's time for a Southie street reset.

I doubt the city drove around this morning and collected the space savers sometime between 6am and 7am. I believe, the few times they have done that in my time in Southie, it has been a midday activity.

But of course, there are still some hanging to the past and not relinquishing their public street spots. Not embracing change and progress....kind of the selfish right-wing conservatives of the Southie resident parking world.

But, it appears that the public has spoken, and mob mentality reigned once again.

Stand on the sidewalk and look up in the sky...passersby will do the same.

Slow down to watch a car crash on the highway's shoulder, others will do the same (by choice or otherwise).

Begin the trend of removing your trash bins and plastic chairs....and it seems others will do the same!

Neighbors in Southie - nice job!

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