Monday, February 18, 2008

Benefits to Today's Wind-Swept Rain

1. My car is now clean, after having been assaulted by an army of birds on Saturday.

2. The nuisance that was the ratting, hanging-by-just-one-bolt Southie Resident Parking Sign that stood atop a pole outside of my residence is no more. It thankfully succumbed to Father 40 mph Wind Gusts. I brought the sign inside so it doesn't end up through someone's car window or causing damage elsewhere. As my decor style doesn't include many "street signs on the wall," I'm happy to return this sign to the city if they promise to bolt it appropriately next time.

That's it. Nothing else good about this. Walking the dog in these conditions was no fun (even Rosie took a look back at me a couple times, as if she was saying "Um, are you kidding? Get me inside.")

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