Monday, February 04, 2008

Keep the Victory Parade Tuesday

I feel bad that Boston had a huge victory parade planned, and now nothing to celebrate.

So, I would like to proposed that we continue with the parade, celebrating the Giants improbable victory.

Fans of The G-Men in Boston unite! I know many of us live here in our fair city.

Let's pick up the spirits of the parade organizers and continue with the party they planned. It's never fun to stage an event, and have it canceled.

Those Duck Tour operators were all ready for the cavalcade. The boats are all fueled up - let's take them out for a spin.

Parents were ready to write notes to teachers, excusing their children from classes. I say, write 'em, and send your kids to Copley Square. Let them celebrate the champs. It will teach them good sportsmanship.

Rally at City Hall Plaza? Office workers were looking forward to skipping out for a couple hours during lunch. They already cleared their calendars. What are they going to do now? Work?

The bars on Boylston St. already had stocked up on extra Bud Light and Corona. Don't let the beer skunk and the limes rot! It needs to be drunk.
On Tuesday. During the Giants Victory Parade in Boston.

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