Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Latest Project - Installing New Cabinets

Every few months, I come up with some random home improvement idea. Technically, I'm not a handyman. But, somehow, I usually stumble my way through projects, and the results are usually quite nice.

In the past (almost) five years, I have tackled tiling, tons of interior painting, and a deck renovation. I hired out for the closet organizers, but those count as well.

Just when I think there's nothing else I can do to this place, I find something else.

My latest idea is adding cabinets to my kitchen.

This is a picture of my place as it was still in construction.

Doesn't seem like too much of a task, does it?

At first, I was going to purchase a customized cabinet from Room and Board, a great home products store that hasn't made its was to New England just yet. I bought my leather chairs from them after seeing them in their Soho store in Manhattan. They have great stuff and would make a killing in Boston if they launched here.

Then, when I explained my intention to my father, he mentioned that installing additional cabinets might be a better idea. After some thought, I totally agree. I don't need to take this piece with me when I decide to sell, and I'm assuming that (unless I sell within the year), I should be able to recoup the cost of this project in resale).

So now, the plan has evolved from simply figuring out who manufactured my cabinets (I think that's covered), and ordering a few more to complement what is already in place, to full out design plan that now involved cabinets, a granite countertop, and a slate tile backsplash that somehow, I have convinced myself to do with sweat equity - mine and any friends I invite into the process.

Honestly, I'm very excited by this project. And just like the deck, I don't think it's going to be super difficult - but it probably won't be simple.

I was going to wait for my tax return and three-pay month (May) to move forward with this, but that's simply not going to happen. I wouldn't be shocked if I have cabinets ordered within the next few weeks.

Here's the magnitude of the project and the problems I need to solve:

Design cabinet layout (accounting for flooring that will be under rather than around the cabinets)
Order cabinets
Order cabinet molding for entire kitchen
Order granite countertop
Order slate tile and grout
Have electrical outlet moved from near-floor to waist-high
Learn how to hang cabinets
Install cabinets
Install granite countertop
Install slate tile

Now that I see this written down, I am realizing how involved this project could become.

But the good news, as the little voice in the back of my mind always tells me when I'm in project mode, this will be the final project I can think of.

That has never been true.


r. said...

have someone from the countertop store measure for the order of the countertop - its free and if they mis-measure, its their fault - if you mis-measure, you have to pay for it!

Jason said...

Great idea...thanks