Friday, March 28, 2008

My Windshield is Busted

"1-800-54-GIANT, who do you call when your windshield's Giant Glass!"

I have heard that on the radio for years.

Now, my windshield is busted.

We took a short roadtrip to our new Quincy offices that we will be moving into within the next few months. There was some loose debris on the road, and the car in front of me must have kicked a rock up. I heard something hit my windshield, and knew that it didn't simply bounce off. But at the time, there was no damage.

After we toured the new offices and had lunch, we returned to the car to drive back to Kenmore. Suddenly, we saw a large crack on the passenger's side - about 6" by 6".

Bummer. I hate unexpected expenses.

But....for some reason, it occurred to me that I might have glass coverage through my insurance company. I called them first, followed their menu of commands to report a glass claim, and sure enough, I have on-site glass coverage with zero deductible.


Good thing I didn't simply call 1-800-54-GIANT

They were going to come to my office today, but the rain would have forced them to cancel, so I just scheduled them for Saturday morning (note of caution - when asked to schedule contractors during one of two time frames...always take the earlier block of time, especially on weekends. As the day progresses, they tend to get backed up. If my 8a-12noon windows becomes a 1pm appointment, that's not the end of the world. If a 12noon-4pm appointment becomes 6:30pm, or is canceled altogether, that's just wrong).

I was told I'm entitled to three "glass events" in a calendar year before they start adjusting my premium for the following year. Let's hope I don't have any more...


Anonymous said...

Actually, most of the glass places I've had to deal with for busted windshields, side windows, etc. will take care of the insurance for you - or explain the process.

Anonymous said...

Most, if not all, insurance plans cover on-site glass replacement, so if you had called Giant Glass they would have been able to do the repair and take care of the paperwork also. The problem that I have with Giant Glass (other than the annoying song and the fact that the owner gets prime Red Sox seats for being such a heavy sponsor of NESN and the Sox), is that every time we've called them, they said it takes too long to come out (we're in MetroWest). There are other companies that come out quicker, so we used them instead of the Giant...

Rhea said...

"Glass events." That's a new one. I hope I don't them very often.

Jason said...

Update - my windshield is no longer busted! I do need to buy new wipers, as I was told my current ones could scratch the new windshield.