Monday, March 17, 2008

Photos from Southie St. Patrick's Day Parade

Southie survived through another St. Patrick's Day Parade. I figured out that with St. Patrick's Day technically being today, it appears to be a Friday (or Thursday) night through Monday night drunk-fest for many. Not all of us are lucky enough to be off today - my upstairs neighbor must be because his music was thumping well past 12:30. Good thing I sleep through almost anything.

It must be a different perspective for those who found their ways to Southie for their first trips here (or, their once-a-year trips here). For me, it's simply parking my car on Friday night and not moving it all weekend, having friends over for after-the-parade food and drink, (and bundts), and stumbling up to Broadway for an hour to watch the Irish and Irish-for-a-Day celebrate.

The King was there....but was that water or vodka?

This was Rosie's first parade. I think she loved the attention, but was a bit freaked out by the crowd after some time. Though she watched the parade in this photo, at one point she seemed to find more interest staring at the curb behind her.

Her final blow was this firing squad's ten-gun salute right in front of us. She jumped.

This float stopped right in front of us, and was parked there for quite some time as the parade in front of them was also stopped. These kids on the float, casually tossing green lollipops into the crowd, took this moment to unleash their pent-up aggression. Their tosses became a full all-out assault of candy, with targeted full-speed throws at us.

Long day, officer?

Kind of looks like Warren Zevon with a white bears, shades, an Irish scarf, and green beret. Well, maybe it doesn't look like him....

Winner of the cute kid award - she was atop her parent's shoulders, taking it all in.

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Stacey said...

Love the pics. :) I was there this year, and sadly, mostly sober.

Oh well, still a crazy, fun time. And come on, how often do you get to drink beer on the street in front of cops? ;)