Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My friend Dan

Can I just give major props to my friend Dan Tobin?

Dan wed my friend Meaghan, who I met a mere 16 1/2 years ago at Brown. We shared a similar acerbic wit and love of pop culture, not to mention weekly 90210 viewings in my dorm room. I remember screaming in joy over the announcement of the "extended summer season" of 1992 with her by my side, as if it were just yesterday.

Any friend of Meaghan's is a friend of mine. Her husband counts too.

His personal blog is well-written and quite hysterical.

But, he also writes for Bugs & Cranks, a baseball blog featuring writers that delve beyond the basic stories. Dan had the fortune of being their Red Sox beat writer last season.

I happened across this posting from a few days ago, and it's just brilliant. Nothing you will ever see here on Platinum Elite will ever come close.

So, Dan Tobin, though you received many chairshots during our RAW vs. Smackdown battle on the Wii a couple weeks ago ( still scored the pinfall), I raise a pint to your blogging superiority.

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