Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mac Features / Weeding Out Contacts

Now that's I'm up and running with my Mac, I find some of the completely intuitive features necessary, and can't understand why Windows never integrated such actions. Thanks to my co-worker Sean, I assigned the action of "move cursor to the corner" with one of three functions - upper left is hide all applications and show desktop, upper right is show all open windows to select which one you want to use, and lower right (I think this one is default) is my widget dashboard. I just dipped my toe into the widget world, but love what I have installed already.

I'm still integrating data, and have determined that this is a terrific time to clean out my contacts. Just this morning over coffee, I was able to delete contacts who fit into one of the following buckets:

1. Left job, now MIA
2. Haven't spoken to in years
3. Will very likely never speak to again
4. Douchebag

It makes for weeding through contacts quite simple. If you're not in one of those categories, you're still in my Outlook (...I mean, Entourage...)

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Kathy said...

Ha! Numbers 3 & 4 made me LOL!