Friday, July 11, 2008

No iphone G3...yet

It's 8:50 AM, and I do not have an iphone G3.....


There's an AT&T store around the corner from me, and I thought I would swing by in the morning at the off chance that there would be a short line.

Unfortunately, there was a line, but it seemed long enough to justify delaying the purchase to later today.

There appears to be an Apple store at South Shore Plaza - right down the street from where I work. My new plan is to:

1. Actually take lunch today, and not scarf down food at my desk or bring my laptop to the building cafeteria and continue working while eating.

2. Take an early lunch. I'm thinking 11am. Maybe the early lines will have dies down, and the later ones won't have picked up yet. Worst case, if there is a huge wait, I grab food and head down to Avon to pick up part of the materials for my tile backsplash project (they called me this week and I haven't had time to pick it up).

The phone looks great, but the real treat is going to be the App Store. Open the software to developers everywhere, and who knows what you're going to get! I haven't explored yet, but my guess is that apfter purchasing the phone, I'm going to be buying a few third party apps as well.

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Anonymous said...

I got mine today in that Mall you mentioned! Waited 3 freaking hrs, but lucky it is indoor with a/c and the staffs at the Apple store are very nice and they serve us coffee, donuts and Smartwater! The only bad thing is you will need a strong bladder for waiting in a long line like this especially I went by myself, I certainly don't want to lose my spot for bathroom break... After my purchase was done, I practically ran out the store for the bathroom. What a relieve that is!!