Monday, July 07, 2008

Pilot Ship

Pilot Ship, originally uploaded by southiejason.

Sunday was another adventure out to Spectacle Island - our second trip there this summer. Even though is was a soupy day with low clouds, lots of haze, and a generally grey color palette, I always bring my camera because I just never know what I'm going to see.

Usually my photo sets during Spectacle Island days consist of the following: interesting shots of boats, buildings, the harbor, and the Boston skyline sandwiching many shots of goofy people (us) having drunk too much wine. Yesterday's pics are no different.

So at the risk of incriminating the innocent, a photo of a colorful pilot ship cruising through an otherwise near-monochrome background is probably a safer bet.

I was searching for glimpses of color - anywhere - as the haze and low clouds made the downtown buildings mirror the colors of the sky and water. I found a few boats, including this one, that stood out, brazenly challenging and punching through the dreary background.

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