Thursday, July 24, 2008

Savannah Humid

Humidity and I are enemies. Plain and simple.

It makes me sweat. Uncontrollably at times. When the air isn't moving and it's filled with water, my skin enjoys contributing more wetness to its environs.

All I can think about with this humidity is Savannah, GA.

I believe my trip to Savannah was pre-move to Boston, and therefore pre-digital camera.

But I managed to swing a weekend there when we booked a project with a Savannah radio station. Since I had never been to Savannah and loved Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, I figured it was worth checking out the area.

I stayed right downtown on Reynolds Square, at a fancy hotel called The Planter's Inn, right near the Savannah River, and amidst the trees covered in haunting Spanish moss.

I will never forget pulling up in my rented Ford Mustang, stepping out of the car, and having my glasses fog up instantaneously. For some reason, every time that happens (such as this morning walking into Dunkin' Donuts), I think about Savannah.


meg said...

I went to Savannah once in late June. I thought I would die from the humidity. I could not go back ever I think.

Jason said...

oh, but it's so pretty! thank God for Air Conditioning and towels! :)