Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scheduling Time Off

Well, I did it yesterday.

I scheduled vacation time.

This will likely turn out to be my lightest travel year in a decade - in terms of flight segments, miles on my car, and miles on rental cars. That's what happens when gas prices go nuts, you spend many Benjamins on new kitchen cabinets, and being on the road is eliminated from your job responsibilities.

I suppose it fits my new green lifestyle. My carbon footprint is far less this year.

So without vacation planned, I didn't have time off planned either. Earlier in the year, I took a couple days here and there, but nothing longer than a long weekend...

...which is exactly what I'm planning now.

The amount of weekdays that I have driven home from work and seen tons of people on the beach in Southie made me wonder if they were there all day.

I became envious.

So, while the weather is still pleasant, I worked five days into four long weekends between now and mid-September, and have pledged to do something fun, something relatively local, and something for myself during each of those days.

Beach, movies, hiking, photos, museums - the options are endless. And it's strange, those are things that I would think I could find time doing on the weekends. But no - just doesn't seem to happen as often as I would like.

So long weekends a plenty are in my future.

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The Fuz said...

Kudos on planning some vacation time! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our jobs it's difficult to remember we have a whole life outside of work.
I do recommend spending a whole week doing local fun - a whole week without work was nice. I miss it.