Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Turtle Statue in Copley Square

I must say that I love how seamlessly integrated software is these days.

Plug in my camera to my MacBook, upload photos into iPhoto (with a plug-in), tag and name photos in iPhoto, export photos directly into Flickr, and then post to Platinum Elite.

A few clicks, and here we are.

I have this weird interest in turtles. I have never kept one as a pet, but hope to someday. They just look so odd - an organism stuck inside of a shell, limbs and head sticking out.

I'm sure this isn't the first time someone has photographed the turtle statue in Copley Square, but it's the first time I have.

I think I would prefer to think of this fella as a Koopa Troopa rather than an ordinary turtle.

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r. said...

I, too, am a turtle fan - UMD alum, in all. I was going to send you a pic of the little turtle I picked up in St Thomas that I have sitting on my desk shelf, but he isn't there. Guess I still haven't unpacked that box. Maybe next time!