Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prudential Center from Dorchester Heights

After work, I brought my camera and Rosie up to Dorchester Heights for an efficient bathroom break (for her), doggie play hour (for her), and some pics of the city at sunset (for me).

Easier said than done.

Technically, dogs are not allowed off leash at Dorchester Heights. The area is a National Park, and rangers often patrol the grounds passing out warnings and fines.

That does not seem to dissuade the locals all the time.

Yesterday, for example, there must have been 15 dogs running around. It's an area offset from the street, and if the dogs remain in one clump, nobody seems to wander off.

That is, except for Rosie yesterday.

Usually, she's great there. Other dogs keep her focused, and she's always checking for where I am, staying by my side more often that running into the doggie fray.

I took her off leash and attempted to take some pics of the city at sunset. The views from Dorchester Heights are terrific. With one eye on Rosie and the other through my view finder, I took this picture of the Prudential Center, looking toward the northwest.

Then I watched Rosie wander off. She jogged down toward the north-facing railing, ignoring my stern calls of her name, and then proceeded eastward, around the bend, and down the stairs to the street.


Luckily another dog owner was walking up at the time, and Rosie naturally stopped to sniff the dog. He grabbed her collar and I leashed her.

Every other time at Dorchester Heights has not been an issue. I'm still a bit peeved that she blatantly ignored me, yelling her name, treat in hand, not even turning to find me.

We walked home quickly on a very short leash and she was punished by having to sit on her rug without moving. It's the same rug that she peed on a few times after she moved in. The final time she peed on it was in December, two hours after a walk. I forced to lie next to her pee for an hour. That was the final pee accident in the house.

When she followed me into the kitchen twice, she heard yelling that she's not used to, and has heard just two other times, one being the aforementioned rug peeing.

I went to the gym, and upon my return - enough time had passed that we were once again friends.


Kathy said...

Great photo of course!

I was thinking that maybe Rosie was taking off on you because you took her to Dorchester...but I clicked on your link and learned that DH is in Southie?! Hmm.

Glad you caught her before she got hurt.

Anonymous said...

You are right! The views from Dorchester Heights are absolutely magnificent!! I dropped by there yesterday around the sunset time and took quite a few pictures myself. There are quite a few dogs playing around and it is fun to watch them. I am actually very surprise, the shitty surrounding street views turn into the gorgeous top views as I walk up the stair. It totally seems and feels like a different world up there.