Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Real Head of Household

Nursing some soreness from football and grogginess from a late night of boozing, I attempted to take a schnoozer during the Jets game today.

Rosie decided that I was in her space.

She hopped up on the couch, selected her seat, plopped down right between my legs and proceeded to fall asleep on my ankle.

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Anonymous said...

Rosie looks so adorable!! But looking at the picture to see how both of you so relaxed, a highly inappropriate yet funny question come across my mind. Here comes the naughty question of the day, how would Rosie react if you accidentally pass gas on her?

a) Rosie pretends nothing has happened and continue to lay comfortably on your feet.
b) Rosie sniffs the air couple time with her nose, then turns her head and looks at you and gives you a sad and confused puppy eye look.
c) Rosie jumps off the couch asap.
d) none of the above.

Heh, hope you feel better from the soreness and have a wonderful day!