Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boston from Above - Fenway Park

After a full weekend of photos, I have so many great shots. I thought this one was appropriate today, not only because it seems to have had an inordinate number of hits on my Flickr account, but also because the Sox could use some help.

Even as a born-and-bred Yankees fan, I will admit to feeling bittersweet about where the Red Sox are now, down 3-1 to Tampa.

Gone is my hatred of them. Once they won the World Series in 2004, and then again in 2007, I realized that their success was real and I should let it go. Another few victories in the decade, and I'd even make a case for them approaching the Yankees of the late 90's.

It's still a great rivalry, and even I will admit that the Red Sox are fun to watch.

Living here in Boston, they are the most convenient team to watch. I like how they bring people together, creating ample social and boozing opportunities.

They are familiar.

And I'm a bit afraid that all of that will end tomorrow.

Even I'd be willing to extend this thing into the World Series. It would give me an excuse for a few more midweek nights out.

But clearly, Tampa came to play. The World Series everyone wanted (Sox-Dodgers) is at risk.

It looks like the natural order of the AL East is shifting yet again.

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Kathy said...

Ok, now you are just showing off with your great photos!!!

: )