Friday, October 10, 2008

Days Like Today

On days like today back in college, we would have class outside.

Sunny, Friday, temperate (OK, a little brisk, but we're hearty here in the Northeast) - perfect conditions to discuss topics in a circle on the college green.

I'm taking myself back to a time when 401k and 40% market declines weren't even on my radar.  Life was simpler.  My job was to learn.

My goal today is to figure out a way to escape from the climate control of our workspace, and enjoy the sights and sounds of our office building's parking lot.  If not all day, perhaps simply for lunch.


Travis Tirrell said...

so i came across your blog yesterday and find it intriguing, i'm weird whatever, but this post says everything about my I was telling a friend yesterday how is wish i was still in college and spent more time outdoors (haven't been out of college long only a year) lol but this weather is a perfect day for listening to a lecture outside. Well enough of me...just thought i would put my two cents in...keep writing....if nothing else you get your thoughts out...but i find most of your blogs quite entertaining

Jason said...

Thanks Travis...those are very kind words! I'll do my best to continue with the posts that don't suck :)

Have a great weekend.

travis said...

lol....none of your posts suck..hahaha hope your weekend went well looks eventful other than the heinous traffic in the salem area (much expected i deal with it every day) live the town over from salem and commute to Cambridge for work. i'll prolly comment soon so expect