Sunday, October 05, 2008

Saturday Night in Boston

Well Harpoonfest was a bust. I knew there was going to be a line, but what we encountered was quite absurd. Kudos to them for marketing this event to the point that half of Boston showed up.

This is just a segment of the line. It continued down the block, into a parking lot, and pretty much ended in Medford.

So we performed what I called a quick cost-benefit analysis, and elected not to spend 2 hours in line for the honor of paying $20 for that first beer (a $15 admission fee and $5 per drink).

Plan B materialized, and we ended up at the Cambridge Brewing Company for some excellent microbrews and snacks. I ordered a butternut squash soup, which was a perfect complement to the brisk fall weather outside.

We were trying to kill time before a party in the Back Bay around 8pm, so we wound up parking and wandering over to Sister Sorel for another round. I ordered an espresso martini to wake up a bit (my suggestion of Starbucks was vetoed, so I went the the next best thing that wasn't a Red Bull and vodka.

I even drew a picture of the cocktail.

The party was fun. It had an Octoberfest theme, complete with bratwurst, German aliases (I picked Wolfgang Hilda as mine), and three random Germans who attended.

After the party, we were walking up Huntington St. back to the car, and spotted one of Jamen's teammates seated at the bar inside of Sasso. Twist our arms...we went inside for one final round.

It appears that I was speaking too loudly behind this douchebag. He was attempting to pick up this woman far out of his league (and far younger than he), and snapped a few nasty words my way due to the volume of my voice. I didn't think it was any louder than a typical bar voice, but clearly it - and not his looks or personality - caused the woman to flee from his clutches.


Kathy said...

That is a superb drawing of your espresso martini!!

I can't believe you took a photo of some bar thug! He had no clue you took it?! LOL

Casey said...

was anyone able to give jamen a german alias that sounded more german than his real name? it doesn't get more german than "voss"...