Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blizzardy Snow in Southie

Blizzardy Snow in Southie, originally uploaded by southiejason.

With plenty of light, I thought I'd break out the camera for a few fast shutter-speed shots of the snow, capturing the individual flakes.

I took this picture from my back door, using a 1600 ISO and a very fast shutter speed of .002 sec (1/500) to catch the snow coming down.


The Fuz said...

Love it!

Josh said...

is 1600 ISO the highest your camera can go? I just got a new canon, albeit not a rebel like yours, and mine has a 3200 ISO speed on it. i tried it a few times, but the pictures were all washed out.

Jason said...

Wow 3200? Yeah mine only goes to 1600. It's a Canon Rebel, and it's about a year old. Perhaps newer models have the ability to go up to 3200 ISO?

Josh said...

I just got the camera in September. It has manual settings on it, but the highest ISO is 1600. The ISO 3200 is one of the "scene" settings and am unable to choose the shutter speed, which stinks. Originally the camera was selling for around $300, but I have seen advertisements for as low as $230 for it. My only complaint is that it does not have a viewfinder.

On a separate note, I was in airworld for the holidays and almost wound up going to San Juan, PR on my way back to Boston. A passenger with the same name as me was paged to the San Juan gate. I debated going over there and saying I had misplaced my ticket and would need a new one to board the flight. Unfortunately I did not have my passport.