Saturday, December 20, 2008

Southie Snowed-In Pub Crawl

Well, if a storm is going to hit at any point, I suppose right before a weekend is probably the best time. Although Friday started with a drive to the office in Quincy, my time at work was short - just about 90 minutes. It certainly was not my choice to drive in (I'm a huge proponent of work-from-home), but I didn't mind the trip since 93 was desolate during each drive there and back again.

Karin and I carpooled, and we ended up driving our president to Logan - partially the reason we were let out as early as we were. No complaints!

So, back to the kitchen table. My workspace at home.

Around 1:15, Ryan comes by, and he's angry. His car has been towed. While no signs marked Dey Blvd. as a Snow Emergency No Parking zone, state police interpreted it as such and towed everyone. His car ended up in Quincy, and he took the red line to Quincy Adams to retrieve it.

After the 1:30 conference call, the IM's began pouring in from others who were also home. I'm glad that multitasking isn't an issue for me, as I did still have a few things to finish up before calling it a day and starting the...

..Southie Snowed-In Pub Crawl!

What better use of time on a snowy Friday night in Southie than head to the bars. We pregamed a bit at my place, moved on to Mike's for margaritas, then onward to Stadium for dinner and pints of beer. We soldier onward to The Junction (which was packed) when Mike discovered that his keys were missing. Luckily they were exactly where I tackled him into a snow bank.

We finished the night at The Black Thorn, Debbie, Mike, and I being the only non-native Irish in the place. I've been to that place three times now, and last night I left the least drunk of those occasions! Small victory.

So, now it's time for Storm #2 tomorrow. I just finished a pot of chicken soup, which will be a perfect elixir for yet another day of snow, freezing rain, and general precipitation misery.


Josh said...

Stadium seems like such a hike when compared to black rose and junction - especially with poorly shoveled sidewalks during the storm. Quencher tavern on I (eye) street would have been a good choice. It's a good value as well. One time I went there I got three shots and two beers for $9.

Jason said...

Stadium isn't too bad of a walk from my place - maybe 10 min. Plus the first house-stop was along the way, and two of the folks who were coming lived near Andrew, so it was a bit more central of a meeting spot for all of us. I do need to check out Quencher at some point though!