Friday, December 12, 2008

Wasteful, Unwanted Phone Books

It's happening again.

In this month of holiday cheer and no judgement, my blood has begun to boil.

Just a little for now. But, I fear the worst is yet to come.


Unwanted phone books. Again.

Setting - Our Quincy office building

Wednesday evening, 6 PM
Quantity of unwanted books: 10

Thursday afternoon, 4 PM
Quantity of unwanted books: 10

Friday morning, 9 AM
Quantity of unwanted books: 10

I'm sensing a pattern.


Anonymous said...

How many trees died for our phone books!!!? Too many!! It's really sad that we cut down trees and distroy our environments and to make them into something that we don't really use. One day our future generation will pay the price of our environmental negligence.

Rich said...

Phonebooks are great! Take two of them and interlace the pages of two and try to pull them apart (they did this on mythbusters) you can't do it! They eventually had tanks pull them apart! Also pick up a few more books and impress your friends by ripping them apart!

Casey said...

its christmas, so you should go and collect a bunch of phone books and build a little house for a homeless person. that certainly beats canned food drives and penny campaigns...

Anonymous said...

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