Friday, January 16, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson

I have been on many airplanes in my lifetime (hence the genesis of Platinum Elite, actually - my former frequent flier status level).

Given the odds of a plane crash are quite poor, I shouldn't say that I'm shocked that all of my flights have resulted in my (and the aircraft's) safe arrival at our destination.  While thankful, I kind of expect everything to go smoothly.

But clearly, things don't always work that way.

Yesterday's events are nothing short of a miracle - it's the kind of story we needed.

Not a plane crash.

But rather, a plane rescue.

No casualties.  Coordinated effort.  Quick, correct decisions.  Everyday people going about a usual Thursday until about 3pm.  A few hundred passengers and rescuers who lived it.  Thousands more who witnessed it.  And now millions more, slackjawed, that this ended happily.

Much of the news for months has been terrible - layoffs, foreclosures, depression, bankruptcies, and loss of wealth.  I'm trying to picture the coverage of this story if it had ended much worse.  Airplane crashing into Jersey City?  Fiery crash into the Hudson?  Jet destroys George Washington Bridge?  Plan crashes into lower Manhattan (again)?

None of that.

We need heroes these days.  What a story - remarkable story from top to bottom.

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Angela said...

I used to fly that exact flight all the time when my dad worked at US Air. Freaky stuff.