Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Shipping Prohibitions to Germany

I was running through my Dashboard here and came upon a post that, well, I had never posted! It's a list of shipping prohibitions to Germany.

Back in March 2008, I was researching this as I planned the packing and shipping of seven ceramic Starbucks city mugs to a woman in Germany who learned that I have way too many Starbucks mugs and enjoy receiving more.

I must say - my package to her was packed perfectly and professionally. It cost some coin.

Hers to me was practically falling apart when it had arrived. I believe four mugs survived the trip intact, two were injured and Gorilla Glued, and one (United Arab Emirates) was in pieces and is unfortunately now sitting in a landfill, most likely in Staten Island.

Nonetheless, the list of shipping prohibitions to Germany:


Arms and weapons.
Articles bearing political or religious notations on the address side.
Human remains.
Live plants and animals.
Perishable infectious biological substances.
Playing cards, except in complete decks properly wrapped.
Pulverized coca beans.
Radioactive materials.


Sbarro and Publick House / Josh said...

Perhaps you should rethink the veto list.

you dont want to be responsible for the bankruptcy of sbarro or publick house.

Jason said...

If businesses want to repair their images in the minds of consumers, they should reach out to them - solve their problems, offer apologies, figure out solutions.

Nobody from Publick House has ever attempted to reach out to me. I'd be happy to entertain a dialogue about that particular evening, and how it could have been handled better.

The beauty of the First Amendment and the Internet is that is allows people to have a voice and speak their minds - both when they choose to praise or to criticize something.

And no, I don't have enough malice in my heart to wish for the bankruptcy of establishments such as them or Sbarro. While I might have vetoed them, I don't want them to go under.