Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why I'm Hostile

I just did a speed test on our agonizingly slow network here at work. While these results are awful, they unfortunately aren't atypical here in the office:

Download speed 893 kb/s
Upload speed 40 kb/s

I have DSL at home (?!) and I hit download speeds of almost 2000 kb/s and upload of about 1100 kb/s.

Watching web pages load in - and the web apps that I use all day, every day, is like watching animated gifs and bitmaps load into websites from 1996.

Inefficiency makes me extremely hostile.


Kathy said...

The snow this morning didn't make you hostile? What about thinking about going home to find a parking space? : )

Jason said...

Actually, I worked from home today! And the weather in Southie turned out to be more like an incredible amount of slush and ice...not much snow, thankfully.

The Fuz said...

I just did our office - 1296 download to 61 upload. A little better, but no where near a nice at home speed.