Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Bionic Eye - Recovery Days 1-2

Well, I'm about 40 hours into my bionic left eye, and I'm trying to be patient as my vision returns to a state that resembles where it once was.

Everything seems to be on schedule.

My pupil is no longer dilated as of this morning. I noticed the diameter began shrinking last night. Driving to work yesterday morning, even with sunglasses on, wasn't the most pleasant experience.

My ability to focus on distant objects is also much improved now. In fact, My distant vision appears better in my bionic eye vs. my natural one now. I am no longer seeing through a cloudy cataract-affected lens - almost to the point that when comparing the vision between eyes, I'm wondering if I'm starting to see a bit cloudy through the right eye. Let's hope that's not the case yet.

My ability to focus on intermediate objects is improving, but still fuzzy. I was told during the follow-up appointment yesterday that things should become better after about a week or two. As long as I'm seeing improvement every day, I'll be happy.

My near distance is what's concerning to me. Although this is the final focal length to improve after installation of a Crystalens (according to everything I have read), I have never had trouble with my near vision. It's certainly different. I just hope I didn't sacrifice my close-up vision in an effort to remove some cloudiness. Patience certainly will be a virtue here.

So the plan is to return for another appointment in a month. Between now and then, my current glasses prescription will make life a bit confusing. I see better through my left eye without them, but better through my right eye with them. But there's no sense having a prescription written now, as it will assuredly change within the coming weeks.

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Josh said...

Good luck with your new crystal eye; Is it Swarovski?. Perhaps you should have gotten a platinium grille for your teeth at the same time. I too the liberty of writing a letter to Eric Holder Jr - the DOJ AG regarding Live Nation/Ticketmaster. I compared it to a merger between Microsoft and Dell, in which Microsoft would then require Dell to only sell computers with the Windows operating system only (and not linux or other OSes.)