Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I'm a Published Photographer in China

I truly love the random things that happen to me sometimes.

A few of my photos have run for some local periodicals, most notably The Boston Globe.

But now, I am a published photographer in China.

Well, specifically Taiwan.

A few months ago, I received this email:

"Hello, Jason,

I'm an editor in Taipei, Taiwan. And I 'm editing a book about Popeye.

I saw a Popeye Statue pic you took on the internet. I love it so much and I want to put the photo in our book.

I want to make children learn more and feel interested.

Would you please give me the permission to use the photo? (Please send me the pic by email)

Sure, I will amrk put your name under the pic. Please reply me soon and thank you so much!

Best Wishes,

At first, I was a bit suspicious. I figured that by providing information about myself, I would be entering some Mexican lottery or reaping my rightful portion of a Ghanaian prince's fortune.

But I figured, hey it's just a photo. I take pictures for fun and am flattered when others find use for them.

This is the actual photo I took in Chester, IL - the apparent home of Popeye.

I responded from this blog's email address and kept my contact info relatively vague. When she emailed me a second time for my address, wishing to send me a copy of the published book, I relented and gave her my work address. Just to be safe.

I then totally forgot about all of this.

Sure enough, I walk into my office yesterday, and there's a package from The Far East Book Company addressed to me.

The book appears to be a vocabulary and comprehension book for Chinese natives seeking to learn English.

Right next to the above photo is my name and some Chinese character. Perhaps it's my name in Chinese.

Nonetheless, I can chalk this up to the strange, interesting, and bizarre.


The Fuz said...

That is so weird and fabulous all at the same time!

Kathy said...

That is a VERY cool story!

Oh and of course a great photo too!

: )

Anonymous said...

Interesting indeed, this is amazing how far global telecommunication advanced since the old days and what information superhighway can do nowaday. Everything seem to be one click away even from the other side of the Earth. However, I believe that informations like a two-edged sword which can certainly bring good or harm to people. I would be totally suspicious too if someone ask my address over the internet. You never know! May be next time you give away your mail address, you will receive a mailorder bride oversea to serve your highness!

P.S. that book is english short stories series according to the translation on the top line.... and it is so rated G...