Friday, February 27, 2009

Jimmy Eat World - House of Blues Boston

Last night, we found ourselves at House of Blues yet again this week for the second of our two shows during concert week.

This one was the Jimmy Eat World Clarity X 10 tour

I must say, earlier this week when I learned that the tour was a full performance of their CD Clarity, commemorating its 10-year anniversary, I was quite bummed.  Tye was the big Jimmy Eat World fan, and I am indeed a fan of their singles and a few other songs, but none of the ones I knew were on that album.  I was hoping for another hit parade, as I heard on Monday at 3 Doors Down / Hoobastank.

We purchased VIP tickets on StubHub for the show, as it was advertised as sold out.  Upon arrival, we took an elevator up to the 3rd floor and were seated in a small box of highback seats that swiveled.  We thought how much our feet would love us much more tonight than they did after Monday's show!

At that time, I was looking behind me at the virtually empty stadium seats, and the many highbacks unoccupied, and thought "this is definitely not sold out."  There were a good 200 seats open on the 3rd floor.  Very odd.

In a funny moment of marketing, the server in our section was running down the beers she had, and mentioned "Bud Diesel."  Immediately, my ears perked up, since I'm a sucked for trying new things.  I asked her what Bud Diesel was, and she admitted that it's just regular Bud, but in a 16 oz can.  50 points for creativity - I ordered one of them (actually, I ordered two more throughout the night as well!)

Jimmy Eat World came out after 9pm, and they sounded great.  Even not knowing every single song before the encore, I enjoyed the performance.  The crowd had such great energy.  I saw many former emo-kids (now in their 20's) singing along to every word, and thought "wow, I wonder if this is one of those bands/albums that got these folks through some awkward teenage or college years back in the late 90's."

In the encore, they played some hits - "The Middle," "Pain," "Work,"  "Sweetness," and Tye's favorite song "Polaris."  Of course, there's probably a good 5 or 6 others that were missing, but they certainly left me wanting more, always a good sign of any performance.

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